So, here we are, nearly 2022! Who knows what it will bring?

Despite all that is going on in the world, and that hiding away at home suits me to a T, I have decided that this year I’ll be making things happen and being more visible as a children’s author. My aim is to create more exciting books, bring opportunities for creating with me to more children and raising more money for charity.

I’ll end 2021 and kick-start my blog writing efforts with a look back at 2021: 

Lum's Houses created by children

The Highs!

  • Published Animalympics with the help of many family, friends and supporters via a Kickstarter campaign
  • Attended 6 festivals
  • Organised a 17-day Animalympics Extravaganza including live events with 3 bookshops and a farm attraction
  • Animalympics stocked in many independent bookshops and Waterstones
  • Animalympics blog tour
  • Part of Chelmsford’s Monster Invasion event
  • Part of BookPlanet4Kids

The Lows

  • Very slow to update my website. I had an initial positive start in October, but then was struck down with ‘what-if-I-break-it-itis’ and didn’t make any progress for 2 months. Thankfully over the ‘itis’ now. Check out the website to spot the updates starting with the home page here.
  • The Kickstarter – it was successful and I was able to publish my latest picture book, Animalympics, but it was so stressful! I will NOT do another Kickstarter. I’m back to self-funding for future books. It does mean that writing to publication is a slower process, but I’m proud of the quality of my books and working this way suits me.

I have so many ideas for 2022. New stories and new projects to help me in my plan to be more visible as a children’s author. I’m not going to share too much too soon, but will just say that the Winter Olympics is coming up and I’m feeling inspired!

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