Teaching our children to care through sharing stories

It all began with babies, exclusion and worst of all bullying. Subconsciously vanquishing her bullies, Josie Dom wrote a tale of defeating a bully, who then learns to make friends and gets a second chance.

Since then, Josie and Lum have gone on to have more adventures, creating colourful books with engaging stories encouraging friendship and caring in each new generation.​

Teaching our children to care starts with us parents.  I hope my actions fundraising for good causes helps children look around them and find their passions, which they go on to support.

Josie is now publishing her 3rd book, the first in a new series: Animalympics! Click on the button below to go straight to the pre-order page on Kickstarter.

Animalympics Available Now

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Lum by Josie Dom


Josie’s first book, Lum, came from her imagination one day in response to her children’s antics combined with a nasty period of bullying.  Having been the target of bullies both in childhood and as an adult, it is very important to Josie that young children learn what bullying is, how to be kind and avoid both being bullied and being a bully. Could we stamp out bullying if children are taught to be thoughtful towards others from a young age?  Josie certainly hopes so.  Start sharing Lum’s message with your children today.

What a super story, my girls loved hearing about Lum and they fought over who was going to cuddle Lum during the story!

Lovely book, fab illustrations and a fantastic message. Thanks so much Josie xxx

Jenny Cole

Lum’s Mum

Two years after Lum was published, Josie followed it up with her second book, Lum’s Mum.  This time, Lum is missing his Mum and with the help of his friends he gets the hug he craves.  Find out about Lum’s adventures on the way.

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Lum's Mum by Josie Dom

I absolutely LOVE your poem

Illustrations are just beautiful

Woodpecker Will encouraging other animals to participate in races


In 2021, Jose published Animalympics. A 52-page hardback book telling the story of what happened when the human ‘Lympics were cancelled and the animal kingdom competed instead. Told in a fun rhyming story, you’ll love finding out which animals enjoy our sports and how they get on.

Author Visits & Workshops

Josie would love to visit your school or children’s group to share her love of stories.

Josie’s poem Shy Sherona & Bold Bill will give you an inkling of what an Author Visit entails. Click here for more details of this and the Imagination & Creation Workshops. 

Kindness in

Josie never writes a story with a theme in mind, but on reflection, most of her picture book stories are about friendship and kindness. With this in mind, Josie has committed to donating 15% of profit from books to charitable causes. You can read more about Josie’s work here.

What’s next?

Josie is currently working on getting her next book, Brave Brian, ready for publication. This book is all about saving a rhino and how two boys’ perception of their friend changed due to his actions. 

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