Animalympics 8-24 August 2021

The Animalympics book was designed so that the event ran for 17 days.

When Josie realised that the period between the Olympics finishing and the Paralympics beginning was 17 days, it seemed too perfect to ignore. So this year, Josie is bringing the Animalympics alive with online and real-life events!

Join Josie in celebrating the fun, sporty and crazy world of the Animalympics!


Josie Dom writing

Online Events

This page is where you will find all the Animalympics videos from 8 – 24 August,
so keep popping back to watch the new videos as they are added each day.

Full schedule below.


Sunday 8 August Opening Ceremony! Join Josie to hear the opening ceremony verses plus all the details of what is coming and how to get involved
Monday 9 August Hear famous Olympians and Paralympians reading their sports’ verse
Tuesday 10 August Animated Animalympics!
Wednesday 11 August Readings from famous Olympians and Paralympians
The Story Behind The Story Part 1
Thursday 12 August Live Event with Red Lion Books
Friday 13 August Competition Launch!
Saturday 14 August The Story Behind The Story Part 2
Sunday 15 August Live Event with Rumblebees Books
Monday 16 August The Story Behind The Story Part 3
Tuesday 17 August Question Time with Josie Dom
Wednesday 18 August Live Event with Barleylands Farm
Thursday 19 August Interview with Sarah Lou, Illustrator
Friday 20 August The Story Behind The Story Part 4
Saturday 21 August Live Event with Maldon Books
Sunday 22 August Thank yous!
Monday 23 August Competition winner announced!
Tuesday 24 August Closing Ceremony with readings from Adam Hills and Anna Turney.


Events in the wild!

* 12 August – join Josie in Colchester, Essex for an Animalympics Parade – in association with Red Lion Books

* 15 August – join Josie in Felsted, Essex for Animalympics fun – in association with Rumblebees

* 18 August – join Josie at Barleylands Farm Park in Billericay, Essex for fun Animalympics games

* 21 August – join Josie at Maldon’s Promenade Park for an Animalympics Parade – in association with Maldon Books