Josie Dom is passionate about trying to make the world a better place for everyone. Whether that is stopping bullying, looking after the environment, supporting medical charities, recycling or just being kind, Josie believes that if we all do our little bit, then the world and all within it will benefit. 
With that in mind, Josie is committed to donating 15% of profits from all books sold to charity. 
10% of profit from sales of Lum will be donated to Halstead & Sudbury NCT. Josie is also giving her time to the group by attending on the first Monday of each month to lead a book reading session with the toddlers. 
If you would like Josie to attend a book reading at your school, nursery or children's group, then 5% of profit from sales on the day will be donated back to you. 
With 5% of profit at book readings going back to the host, there is a remaining 10% put aside for future charitable donations. If you have an initiative that requires support, please get in touch here
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