Social Responsibility

When Josie launched her author business in 2015, she pledged to support charities through sales of her books.

Each year, Josie selects a children’s charity to receive 15% of profits from book sales.

Josie is proud to have supported the following charities: 

Brainwave - Unlocking Children's Potential
Buddy Bag Foundation

Josie has worked with The Yellow Book as a judge for their poetry competition in 2019.

In 2020, Josie created the Animalympics. A poem of epic length to tell the story of the animal kingdom stepping up to save the Olympics when it was cancelled due to Covid-19. The poem was read by famous names in the sporting world to raise funds for zoos across the UK. You can read more here.


What’s next?

Josie is also keen to mitigate the impact that printing books has on our forests and is discussing offsetting paper-use. You can be the first to hear by signing up for Josie’s newsletter. You’ll also receive other news from Josie and the occasional marketing message.