Animalympics Book & Extras

Animalympics Book

An exciting, crazy rhyming story about the animal kingdom taking over the Olympics when humans had to stay indoors.


Animalympics Art Print

An A4 Art Print for your wall.

Frame not included.


Animalympics Stickers

Set of 5 vinyl stickers


Sarah Lou - illustrator of Animalympics

If you love the illustrations in Animalympics, and want to see more of Sarah Lou’s art, please check out her own website: Sarah Lou Illustration

Animalympics is a creative and enjoyable fantasy

Dr David Hemery CBE

Kindness in

Josie never writes a story with a theme in mind, but on reflection, most of her picture book stories are about friendship and kindness. With this in mind, Josie has committed to donating 15% of profit from books to charitable causes. You can read more about Josie’s work here.