When nearly every day brings another “celebration” it may be difficult to get enthused about yet another day. I hope, though, that you’ll join me in celebrating World Book Day. Read on for your special discount code.

The purpose of the day may have got a little lost in recent years. Children are either excited about dressing up or dread the thought of it. Parents, likewise, range from those who embrace it: making elaborate costumes and props; sharing the highs on social media; to those who dread it: their talents lie in other places than creativity and feel like a parent-failure, some even keep their children off school to avoid the drama! I have been on both sides. Some years, I’m ready with ideas and creativity. Other times I’ve been tearing my hair out on the night before whilst my children dream up evermore unrealistic costumes which we (I) do not have a hope of conjuring up in the 2 hours or less we have available.

The true aim of World Book Day is to encourage children to explore the pleasure of books and reading. So if dressing up isn’t your thing or feels your child with dread, take the easy option (there are plenty of characters from the modern world who wear regular clothes) and focus on the pleasure of reading. Use the book token your child will be given. Put it towards buying a new book or redeem it for one of the special World Book Day £1 books. These are a fantastic innovation, aren’t they? My son is now 12, however I do remember the book tokens getting tucked away and forgotten because we didn’t have the extra money to use it. Now everyone really can get a book.

As a parent, I use World Book Day to encourage reading of any sort. Maybe an old favourite. Or an author we’ve never looked at before. As an author, I hope the occasion will make you think it is time to read my books. If this is the case, I’ve got a special £1 discount on any purchase made today.

Use code WBD2019 in my online bookshop to get your discount.