Josie shares her enthusiasm for story-telling through workshops which help children to access their own imaginations. These are best for class-size groups. Please contact Josie to discuss your requirements.

Josie can provide visits free of charge to schools and children’s groups, with a minimum order of books.

Art/craft materials and travel expenses will be charged at cost.


Josie Dom helps children at an Imagination & Creation Storytelling Workshop

Imagination & Creation

Includes fun games, using natural and everyday objects, to help children feel relaxed and ready to let their imaginations and creativity run free and inspire storytelling!

Includes a free story workbook for each child.

Imagination & Creation Workshop is a 2-hour session.

Poetry Workshop

Starting with a 20-minute presentation, Josie will share how she creates poetry and where her inspiration comes from, including extracts from Animalympics. Following which the children have chance to write their own animal/sport inspired verses.

Josie’s Poetry Workshop is a 1 hour session.

  • Develop confidence confidence and competence in spoken language and listening skills.
  • Develop a capacity to prepare ideas before writing.
  • Build secure foundations by using discussion.
  • Provide opportunities to improvise and devise drama.
  • Use spoken language to develop understanding through imaging and exploring ideas.
  • Speak audibly.
  • Participate in discussions, presentations, performances, roleplay and improvisations.
  • Classroom discussions.
  • Express their own ideas.
  • Give short presentations.

The rotation style of the activities was very appropriate for the age of the children.

Teacher feedback

We got to make the story with crystals, rocks and seashells!

The best bit was making the puppet character!

Feedback from children

The Table Tales aspect really helped the children to create a story in their minds before sharing.

Teacher feedback