Lum Book Edition One

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“In a faraway place, the children were scared.”

The children are surprised and shocked when they find out who has been scaring them. You will be too!

A fantastic story with refreshingly bright illustrations, featuring an anti-bullying message.

This is the first edition of Lum, which has a different cover and a slightly different layout.

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Josie’s first book, Lum, came from her imagination one day in response to her children’s antics combined with a nasty period of bullying. Having been the target of bullies both in childhood and as an adult, it is very important to Josie that young children learn what bullying is, how to be kind and avoid both being bullied and being a bully. Could we stamp out bullying if children are taught to be thoughtful towards others from a young age? Josie certainly hopes so. Start sharing Lum’s message with your children today.

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