Josie and I have had a busy week in Fenwick. Josie spent a lot of time reading her/my stories, sharing stickers, talking to children and their families, making announcements on the tannoy and organising her display table. She did a great job. Read on to find out what I got up to!

Love Lum xx

I started with doing some woodwork. Making a cupboard for my house.
Had a little holiday in my caravan – very relaxing!
Tried on some shoes. They don’t match, but I like that about them.
Travelled to space and met BB8
Had my face painted.
Drew an Easter picture, but Josie says I am not allowed to enter my competition.
Played with Lego.
Rode a tiger. Felt really brave!
Made friends with a panda.
And made friends with Lindsey.
Rode a pony.
Interviewed lots of rabbits to find out which one was the Easter Bunny.

I had a wonderful week playing in the children’s department at Fenwick. Josie asked me to say thank you to everyone who came in to visit us. It really was great to meet you all.