The stereotype of a bookworm is a girl (or boy) wearing glasses, pale skin, no style and no social skills. I certainly tick some of those boxes. I feel, though, that I have other attributes and interests to take me beyond that stereotype. And, in fact, a stereotype is just an exaggerated caricature which, I am sure, never exists. We are all multi-faceted individuals.

Today, I am proud to call myself a bookworm. I’m not sure that was always the case. Loving to read was considered boring. And it is true that without other interests as a child I may have not become the adult that I am today. What did I enjoy, besides reading, as a child? My hobbies were dancing, gymnastics and horse-riding. I had a pet rabbit and later on a gerbil. I would spend time with my friends and go on bike rides.

My own children are equally as busy. My son is a super sports star and has no real interest or confidence in reading, although he is doing well at school and is a talented artist. My daughter is, like me, a true bookworm and has enough confidence to embrace this side of her together with her other interests: animals, sport and history.

I hope whatever your level of interest in books and reading that you too have the confidence to be yourself.

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