Christmas is over and it’s time to take down the decorations.  I hope you’re not feeling blue.  But if you are, don’t worry as there are plenty of reasons to celebrate.  Today we’re celebrating the Festival of Sleep.  Which might suit you fine if you’ve had a few late nights over Christmas and New Year.  Personally, I’m looking forward to Bubble Bath Day next Tuesday.

So why do we have all these ‘special’ days?  Is it just so that we have something to bring us joy on an otherwise mundane day?  A lot of the ‘special’ days have been created by specific charities to raise awareness and funds so that is two great reasons to get involved.  Other days have been created by industries and professions to encourage us to buy their products, and in many ways, this is just another route to promoting small businesses, which I’m definitely all for, having been one of the SmallBiz100 in 2018 in the lead up to Small Business Saturday.  By the way, Small Business Saturday is not just for Christmas!  You can continue to support small businesses throughout the year.  They have a website where you can search for a small business near you.  (P.S. I’m on there!)

Apart from the two I’ve already mentioned, this month you can also celebrate National Popcorn Day on 19 January and National Pie Day on 23 January – will yours be sweet or savoury?  Or as it is Pie Day why not have both!  On the 21 January we can have a double celebration as it is both National Hug Day and Squirrel Appreciation Day.  Anyone hugging a squirrel?

My favourite celebrations are, of course, based around books and in the next couple of months we have a lot coming up.  Look out for special events I’ll be holding on these important dates:

  • 18 January                         Winnie-the-Pooh Day
  • 26 January – 1 February  National Storytelling Week
  • 14 February                       International Book Giving Day
  • 7 March                              World Book Day
  • 21 March                            World Poetry Day

There’s lots more later in the year, so I’ll let you know all about them as the year progresses.

All in all, I do love these crazy reasons to celebrate something different.  Let me know your favourite.

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Until the next time, best wishes, Josie x