Meet the author 

I am Josie Dom. I live in Halstead, Essex with my husband, Nic Phine, my son, Oliver, and my daughter, Abigail. We also have 2 pets. 
Frank, our dog. He’s a “LabLurchTrievOodle”. There are only 6 of them in the whole world! His Mummy is a Labrador/Lurcher cross. His Daddy is a Retriever/Poodle cross. So I made up a new breed name. Be sure to use this new word as often as you can! 
Mittens, our cat. He’s a cool, crazy cat and we all love him! I am writing a story about him “The Nine Lives of the Curious Cat”. 
I keep busy every day with writing stories, working as a Virtual Assistant, looking after my children, pets and our home. 
I first started writing poems and stories in secret as a child. I was far too shy to show anybody. When my children were little, I came back to writing stories and poems again, and am so excited to be able to share them with you. 
I enjoy writing limericks too (funny poems with only 5 lines). If you’d like a limerick about someone you know, please click here

Meet the illustrator 

Hello! My name is Nic Phine. 
Josie Dom is my wife and after she’d written her book “Lum”, she encouraged me to draw the illustrations. Apart from creating the illustrations, I work as a Project Manager which takes me all over the country—please say hello if you see me. Once upon a time I was a helicopter pilot, which was the most exciting job I’ve ever had. Being an illustrator and seeing my pictures in a book is also exciting. 
I love all things “plane business” as Abigail, my daughter, likes to say. Having children is keeping me fit as I enjoy going out running and orienteering with them. Josie comes too! 
I hope you enjoy my illustrations in the “Lum” book and I would love to see your pictures too. Please send them to me by clicking here, and we’ll share them on our website. 
Josie Dom Ltd | 5 Pebmarsh Road, Colne Engaine, Colchester, Essex, UK CO6 2HD | Tel: 01787 474442 | Email: 
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