As well as writing stories, Josie enjoys writing limericks about people she knows. Please take a few moments to meet Josie’s family, and if you’d like a personal limerick for someone you know, please complete the order form here. 

Josie's son 

There is a young boy who loves a shower 
He stands there for over an hour 
His family all shout 
Please now get out 
But the boy knows he has all the power! 

Josie's daughter 

There was a young girl who loved to twirl 
She’d spin round and round in a whirl 
She’d keep ever so busy 
Getting frightfully dizzy 
And everyone knew her as Abi-girl 

Josie's Nan 

There was an old lady from Bow 
Whose Mum found her talent to sew 
She made lots of clothes 
For heads, knees and toes 
And that’s how she made all her dough! 

Josie's brother 

There was a young man who studied biology 
All the bugs and the germs: bacteriology 
It all sounds so clever 
That he swore he’d never 
Have anything to do with astrology! 

Limerick order form 

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Josie's Dad 

There was an old man with a beard 
Who barbecued fish till just seared 
He’d pour everyone wine 
Which they liked just fine 
And when it was over they cheered! 

Josie's husband 

There was a man named Jean-Pierre 
Who sang and danced like Fred Astaire 
He loved Jammy Dodgers 
Looked for his Ginger Rogers 
But knew to his wife there’s no compare! 

Josie's sister-in law 

There was a young woman from America 
Whose name wasn’t Jenny or Erica 
She travelled the world 
With her hair all curled 
And always went back to America! 

Josie's Mum 

There was an old woman from Dublin 
Whose knees and hips were ever so troublin’  
Given half a chance 
She so liked a dance 
That happy old woman from Dublin! 
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