I have two book readings today. This morning I will be attending St John The Baptist School in Pebmarsh, and in the afternoon I will be with the children of Butterfly Montessori in Halstead. 
All the paperwork is ready to put in my car - bookmarks, stickers, the book itself (wouldn't do to forget that!), order forms for the children to take home, feedback form for the teachers. I just need to gather up the two cuddly Lums who are off exploring upstairs. 
Last week I had my first book reading at a nursery, the day started with bright sunshine which filled me with positivity. I'm pleased to say that today is even more glorious! (The picture below is from my house looking towards Pebmarsh.) And so I'm feeling GOOD! 
I do, however, have a few butterflies in my tummy to keep me on my toes! 
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