What a fantastic way to spend a morning! My very first book reading was at Little Pickles Nursery today. I was welcomed to the nursery by Claire, who I’ve known for many years since she looked after my children, now aged 10 and 7. 
When I arrived, it was snack time and the children were keen to know who had just walked through the door. Claire introduced me and then the questions started. Children of this age are so inquisitive and don’t have inhibitions so they just asked me whatever they wanted to know. 
I was given pride of place in a reading chair and the children gathered around me, all telling me their names or their dog’s names or giving me a present (I got a stone from Alfie). With all that information shared, I read them one of my poems about ladybirds. Whilst talking about names, I explained that when I was writing or reading my books my name is Josie, but on other days I use my real name, Sara. I then said, not expecting a reply, “What would your name be if you could change it?” Straight away there was “Lily Bananas”! Children are so quick and clever! 
Next, what we’d all been waiting for, I read my story “Lum” to the children. They all sat around me so nicely, I hope that all my book readings will have such well-behaved children. At the end of my story, Lum “does so many nice things” and Harry asked “How can he do nice things if he is so small?” That gave me the opportunity to say that “even though they are all smaller than me they do nice things.” So wonderful to hear the reactions to the story, everyone can take something different from it. 
Whilst I read my story, Jess very kindly hid lots of pictures of Lum around the nursery and the children had a great time searching for them, just like the children in the book searched for Lum at the park. Later the children sat down to do some colouring and there were some fabulous pictures of Lum, I was lucky enough to be given four pictures from Zara, Alfie, Callum and Lily. 
I’m really honoured to have been asked to attend Little Pickles Nursery and can’t wait to return to read my next book to them. 
Lum made a friend too! Photo of Lum and doggy below 
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