Animalympics 8-24 August 2021

The Animalympics book was designed so that the event ran for 17 days.

When Josie realised that the period between the Olympics finishing and the Paralympics beginning was 17 days, it seemed too perfect to ignore. So this year, Josie is bringing the Animalympics alive with online and real-life events!

Join Josie in celebrating the fun, sporty and crazy world of the Animalympics!


Josie Dom writing

Online Events


* celebrity sports stars reading their sports’ verses * interview with illustrator Sarah Lou * children interviewing Josie

* the story behind the Animalympics * from storyboard to printed book * colouring competition

Watch all the online events here.

Events in the wild!


* 12 August – join Josie in Colchester, Essex for an Animalympics Parade – in association with Red Lion Books

* 15 August – join Josie in Felsted, Essex for Animalympics fun – in association with Rumblebees

* 18 August – join Josie at Barleylands Farm Park in Billericay, Essex for fun Animalympics games

* 21 August – join Josie at Maldon’s Promenade Park for an Animalympics Parade – in association with Maldon Books


Opening Ceremony

We’ve watched the Olympics now, so while waiting for the Paralympics to begin, let’s get excited about the animal kingdom competing in the sporting event of the century!

Join Josie to hear about all the plans for the next 17 days of Animalympics celebrations!


Day 2

In 2020, many great Olympian, Paralympian, World Champion and grass-roots athletes read their sport’s verse to raise money for zoos across the UK.

Watch some of them again today and keep your eyes peeled for more celebrity videos in the coming days.

Oh, and a little ‘Lympics trivia – just for fun!


Day 3

Yogesh Mahajan created an animation of the orangutans playing tennis which you can watch today. One day, maybe, we’ll put together a full-length animation of the whole story …

Plus, part 1 of the story behind the Animalympics, as told by Josie.



Day 4

We have a competition coming up – find out what you could win!

Plus, watch some more great sports people reading extracts from Animalympics.


Day 5

The first of the live Animalympics events!

Join Josie in Colchester, Essex for a fun Animalympics parade. Who will wear Woodpecker Will’s hat? There will be flags to wave, or bring your own. You could bring your musical instruments too – shakers, drums, etc – let’s make some noise to celebrate! Josie will read extracts and lead the parade to Red Lion Books for book signing opportunities!


Day 6

Your chance to win an Animalympics Book Bundle – tune in to find out what you need to do – you have to be in it to win it!


Day 7

Time for a little rest, so just a short one today – part 2 of the story behind the Animalympics.


Day 8

Join Josie at Rumblebees Book Shop & Music Cafe in Felsted. As well as Josie reading extracts, you can have your face painted and enjoy a variety of animal-themed music, plus ask Josie all your burning questions about being an author, the Animalympics or what her favourite colour is!


Day 9

Part 3 of the story behind the Animalympics. Look out for competition entries being shared today too!


Day 10

I was honoured to meet Meredith and Daisy – two young writers – who have some interesting questions.


Day 11

Today’s event is a cross between a sports warm-up and Runaround (do you remember that programme on the TV?). The winner will receive an Animalympics Gold Medal!

Join Josie at Barleylands Farm Park in Billericay, Essex. Two ‘shows’ at 11am and 1.30pm.


Day 12

Josie interviews her illustrator Sarah Lou.


Day 13

Part 4 of the story behind the book is all about raising the funds to print the book – have a watch to find out how Josie did it.


Day 14

Your last chance to meet Josie in person during this Animalympics 17-day celebration!

This time, Josie is working with Maldon Books who have a cute little “Book Hut” at the Maldon Promenade Park. Meet Josie there for an Animalympics parade, a few readings and book signing opportunities.


Day 15

The final part of the story behind the story.

Plus, a chance to hear Josie’s recent interview with  BBC Radio Leicester.



Day 16

Tune in today to find out who has won the book bundle in Josie’s Animalympics competition.

Plus, a couple of ‘just-for-fun’ activities on social media.



Closing Ceremony

The Closing Ceremony is brought to you by Adam Hills and Anna Turney!

Animalympics at Festivals


* 28 August – join Josie at the Maui Waui Festival for a day of Animalympics fun. Drop in any time to the Kids Area for lots of exciting activities, including Josie’s Animalympics Antics.

Click here to book your tickets to the Festival, once inside, all activities are free!

* 29 August – Josie is part of the Essex Book Camp at Cressing Temple Barns for the finale of this year’s Essex Book Festival. The Animalympics Workshop will include mask and flag making, a celebratory parade and Animalympics sports game with Animalympics Gold Medals for the winners! Running from 11am – 12.30pm you need to book your tickets in advance here.

* 11 September – a first-time visit for Josie to the Chiswick Book Festival – Josie will be running her Animalympics game for children age 4-11, with Animalympics Gold Medals for the winners! Find out more here.